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We sell very good stools. There are different kinds from different origins but especially excellent brands that the big ones of the middle know certainly. These brands are stool references and professionals swear by those when they buy. New or used, our saddles have been very well selected to satisfy the needs in quality of the buyers.

What we sell?

We realize that the stool needs differ from person to person. This can be for children or adults, for pros or beginners, in any case we have all the offers that could satisfy everyone. The essential in a cwd used saddles is undeniably the comfort that this one offers. And according to the experts' report, only branded saddles meet this requdirement until now. These are visibly pleasant, with shapes very well studied for any type of rider, very good leathers for padding done by specialists but especially a good finish often done by hand with a special claw for each label. Also, we sell quality, comfort, brand, safety, aesthetics with an attractive price and accessible to many without having to pay the high price. All these products are guaranteed original with real brands. Everyone can find his happiness among our proposals.

Our best suggestions

As professionals of the upholstery, we have the expertise to recognize the accessories that you need. Also, we have almost all sorts of good brand saddles like antares saddles and labels that have the same standing. These brands are distinguished by their celebrity in the environment and by the fact that professionals in the equestrian sport have them as reference. We also have western, british and any other origin types for those looking for the original types of stools. You can get them in their new condition at a good price or in their used states with all the qualities and a better performance but especially with an even lower price.

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