Our list of the basic equipment you need for your first horse

Like all sporting disciplines, riding requires equipment adapted to its practice and which differs according to equestrian disciplines. There is nevertheless a basic equipment for the rider who starts or resumes. In order to help you in your task, here is equitack a website specialized in the sale of horse equipment which makes available to you a small non exhaustive list of all the equipment that you will have to possess when you will be rider-owner.

All the necessary equipment

Riding equipment is necessary when you buy a horse, both for the riding and the stable. If you wish, you can buy the riding equipment before you have bought your horse, but it is wiser to wait for its acquisition to adapt the equipment to its morphology. With equitack you will find everything necessary for your horse such as The saddle or A multitude of types of horse saddle are available from the synthetic to the leather, the saddle pad and the shock absorber. function of your tastes, The shock absorber is not compulsory, but it is advisable to equip one. Especially if you are exercising in jumping, netting, jaws and trappings. The same is true for trapping (which are optional). A large panel exists: martingale, German reins ...

Protections for your horse

In order to protect your horse's members, equitack offers various protections: ball protectors, work bands, gaiters, etc ... It is strongly advised to equip yourself in competitions because it may happen that one the horse has the traces of the hindquarters which exceeds that of the anterior ones having the effect of "walking on it". The halter and the lanyard are also available It is essential to acquire the cover during the winter seasons as it is important that the horse has a cover so as not to be cold and catch any diseases Especially on a mown horse. Waterproof covers are also available and are needed for a horse in the meadow, which allows it to be protected from the rain. For care, Whether your horse has somewhat superficial injuries or not, many products are available: cotton / compresses, healing, disinfectants, Betadine. If you want to buy riding equipment? Go to our website.

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