The brands Equitack can offer as restored stools

The saddle is essential between the rider and the horse. It is first a question of balance and also a way to avoid any accident.

The qualities of a saddle

The saddle must have a wide seat, hollow and comfortable, large padding to distribute the load on the horse's back. Indeed, the rider is most of the time sitting, the leg down so on long stirrups, the leg must be free to position forward the seat will usually be hollow.

What do you want to do with your horse?

Do you want a western saddle or a unique English saddle? No challenge is beyond the reach of our saddler. In addition, we also repair and restore saddles and equestrian products. All parts are carefully chosen and adjusted to your anatomy, to avoid physical discomfort after long walks. All pieces are carefully chosen and adjusted to the anatomy of your horse, to ensure its comfort. The design is based on your use and the type of equestrian activity you do. The design is thought according to your tastes and desired particularities. The saddle has exceptional durability thanks to its manufacture from the best materials. It is much stronger than manufactured saddles. Equitack is the best seller of horse equipment online and they propose a used saddles that is more comfort for everyone.

The saddlery art

To restore a saddle, need some knowledge, especially about a horse and his activities. This is the steps to bring used saddles on new one. Taking the measurements of the rider and his size. It is important to work with the right data. In addition, better to take on the deadline and spend a time to discuss with each client to know his needs. Then comes the choice of leather that only with premium quality to offer an optimal comfort, but also incomparable durability. And the last work is to assemble the accessories and to get the best sewing. That's how you can save money by using an old saddle.

You know that when you have passion, the snow doesn’t affect this practice, you have just to be in comfort and your horse too.

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