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The saddle you choose depends on how much you're riding. There are saddles for general use, saddles for hunt-seat, western saddles, dressage, and saddles for display. The saddle tree is generally produced of wood or sometimes fiberglass, then covered with leather, the frame on which the saddle is built. This frame is designed to suit the horse and the rider. Saddles can range from $100 to $500 depending on their quality, but they may be more costly for custom or professional saddles. Try to pay your first saddle a little more and get the best you can.

Types of saddle on offer

General Saddle Purpose. These saddles are perfect for the beginner and intermediate rider who just purchased their first horse and loves different riding kinds. They are sturdy with cut-forward flaps and can accommodate the rider well in the nation with tiny jumps for fundamental jumping, dressage and hacks or hunts. These saddles are well balanced by riders and there are no pads for the knee at the front of the saddle. They are often used in riding schools as there are so many cyclists of distinct skills and sizes riding there.

Jumping saddles: they are intended to slightly move the rider forward into the two-point jumping position when they go over fences. This is achieved by offering a flatter seat than dressage saddles that, when viewed from the side, looks more like a mellow C-shaped curve. The saddle flaps are much larger, which gives the leg more support, and the front of the flaps is padded to provide stability and protection for the reduced leg during jumps.

Western Saddle : They are made of brown leather and can be adorned with colorful Western designs intricately. At the front of the saddle there is a horn that helps balance while the reins are held by the other side. The saddles are intended for ranch hands that spent lengthy hours on horse-back, often performing sharp turns, to be more comfortable and robust. There are numerous used western saddles for sale and other kinds adapted for the distinct Western riding disciplines.

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